Agency Membership

Agency membership is open to organisations:

  1. that employ or engage financial counsellors;
  2. that actively support the aims of the Financial Counselling Victoria (FCVic); and
  3. whose purposes and objectives are consistent and not in conflict with those of FCVic.

Employer agencies, community legal services and academic institutions are eligible for agency membership.

Agency membership is not compulsory but can provide benefits to your organization. It does not replace the need for individual financial counsellors to be members of FCVic. Agency members have no voting rights at General Meetings.

Benefits of agency membership:

By submitting this application, you are confirming the following:

My organisation

  1. Access to the financial counsellor locum directory service.
  2. Free advertising for position vacancies on the FCVic website and in member newsletters.
  3. Member-rate for FCVic conference registration for the Agency Representative.
  4. Access to the FCA Toolkit and Agency Managers’ discussion forum.
  5. Provides contribution towards quarterly Agency Managers’ network meetings, including ICT requirements, venue hire, catering, and office resourcing.
  6. Opportunity to participate in sub-committees or working groups at the invitation of the FCVic Board.
    1. understands and agrees to support the purposes and objectives of FCVic
    2. carries out its work with no conflict of interest (or, where conflict exists or potentially exists, will disclose such information to FCVic)
    3. agrees to comply with any policies, rules or by-laws approved by the FCVic Board from time to time
    4. employs or engages financial counsellors
    5. agrees to support the professional development and supervision requirements prescribed by the FCVic Board
Total Amount
Agency Representative

Please confirm a representative for your agency. The Agency Representative must be a manager who has one or more financial counsellors reporting to them. The representative will be included in the email distribution list for Agency Members and receive access to member-only content through the FCVic website.


Please keep us informed if this position changes during the year and you wish to appoint a different Agency Representative.

Billing Name and Address