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Peer2Peer Debriefing

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Financial counselling can be a tough job. We all know how challenging it can be dealing with clients who have experienced a traumatic event, are distressed, or are vulnerable in one way or another. Often times their frustrations and pain can spill over to us – the person trying to help. How do we look after ourselves?

Often we seek support by turning to the first person available – our colleague right next to us. And that’s a good thing – to reach out and talk. But how do we do this in a way that is most productive?

The Peer2Peer debriefing webinar will give you a framework to assist you with an informal debriefing from these situations – whether you’re the one needing to talk, or the person who’s assisting a colleague. I’m sure we’ve all been on both sides! It’ll also give you some simple strategies for looking after your own well-being in a high-pressure environment.

Availability: Anytime

Time commitment: 1 hr

CPD Points: 2

Key Area: Skills, Ethics

AFCA Process webcast recording

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AFCA hosted a webcast to provide information on their dispute resolution process. The session was particularly relevant for those working directly with AFCA regarding IDR and EDR responses to customer complaints.

Availability: Anytime

Time commitment: 1.5 hrs

CPD Points: 2

Key Area: Skills